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a creative and innovative social enterprise working in partnership with communities to engage, motivate and inspire

aim4 is working in partnership with Kent County Council

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Cathi and Nova are both qualified Arts Award Advisers to deliver all five levels of Arts Award. So if you are looking for Advisers to help your young people through Arts Award we are here to help. Alternatively, if you wish to bring us in as professional artists to help shape your projects, we would be happy to do so. Just get in touch.


Arts Award is...

• a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts

• a framework for learning new skills and sharing them

• an opportunity to develop creativity and leadership skills

• a link between young people and creative arts professionals


aim4 is an Arts Award centre and is able to offer all five levels. Your Arts Award can be based around any arts or media activity, and you can complete it in a wide variety of settings – like youth clubs, arts centres, schools, colleges, theatres or community groups.


There are no entry requirements, no time limit for completing the award, and no set rules on how you present your final work. You just need to be aged between seven and 25, and ready to explore new creative experiences. Find out what inspires you, share your talents, and you’ll walk away with an award that makes a real difference in the world of work and the arts. Arts Award is offered at five levels. Here's a brief outline of each:


This award is all about taking part in arts activities and experiencing artists and their work. Get ready to discover the arts all around you. It’s all about seeing, trying, doing and enjoying new things.

Who?: Anyone aged 7-25 can take part


Get involved in the arts and share your skills. If you’re ready to develop new experiences in the arts and media, doing a Bronze Arts Award is perfect for you – and you can achieve a Level 1 national qualification.

Who?: Anyone aged 11-25 can take part.

Time: It will take 40 hours to complete.


Challenge yourself and build your creativity. You’ll develop your arts skills and understanding, lead activities in the art form of your choice, and achieve a Level 2 qualification.

Who?: Anyone aged 11-25 can take part.

Time: No entry requirements or set time limit. It will take around 60 hours to complete the Silver Award.


Drive your personal development in the arts. You will work as an arts practitioner while broadening your horizons within the arts. You’ll achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification. Gold Arts Award is recognised on the UCAS Tariff (35 points).

Who?: Anyone aged 11-25 can take part.

Time: It will take you around 90 hours to complete.



Find out what inspires you, learn about artists and arts organisations and create your own work. If you are ready to explore the arts and develop your creative skills, then this level is for you. This award is accredited as an Entry Level 3 qualification.

Who?: Anyone aged 7-25 can take part.

Arts Award


Arts Award

Click on the Arts Award logo to find out more about what we can offer.

Nova has been working as artist-in-residence in Newington in Ramsgate since April 2015, having been commissioned by People United for two years.










Since September 2016, Nova has continued working in Newington running a project for young people called Young Voices, read more...



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