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The Dickens Project 2012


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Nova has been working as artist-in-residence in Newington in Ramsgate since April 2015, having been commissioned by People United for two years.










Since September 2016, Nova has continued working in Newington running a project for young people called Young Voices, read more...



Here's how the workshop went with one of our primary school's, Rolvenden Primary:


Kicking off the day with a condensed two-minute performance of the life of Charles Dickens, aim4 grabbed the students’ attention and gave them a brief insight to life in Victorian times.


The students then became Dickens Detectives, finding clues about Victorian times, by studying extracts from the work of Charles Dickens, images from the time and genuine Victorian items. Once the students had found their clues they reported back to the whole group, using their trusty chalk boards. Armed with their facts students created plays showing the home life, work life, transport, play and school life of those living in Victorian times. This brought their facts to life and all students worked hard within their groups to produce excellent performances.


In the afternoon it was time for students to become the Dickens of Today, writing their own stories and then retelling them in different formats. Each student had a chance to experiment with print making, radio plays, newspaper articles and photography and the finished results will be part of the online exhibition sharing Childhood in 2012 from a child’s viewpoint.


aim4 wishes to thank the talented students and staff at Rolvenden Primary School for providing a memorable and very enjoyable day.


What the teachers said about the workshop:

"The one minute run-through of Dickens' Life captured their attention early on and positive praise encouraged them to retain the information. Lovely resources for them to handle brought the day alive." - Teacher


"I thought the size of the chosen of the chalkboards to contrast with the iPad was very clever!" - Teacher


What the pupils said about the workshop:

"I think we can state that Rolvenden Primary School had a very good Dickens day!" - Student


"Overall the day was a great success. As well as having fun everyone found out with great enthusiasm a fact about Charles Dickens life.”- Student


“Worth missing lessons!” - Student


If you are interested in booking a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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